Spine Surgery

Why Choose Spine Surgery at Accord Hospital ?

The Spine Surgery department at Accord Hospital is dedicated towards the treatment of all Spinal disorders. We believe that emergency treatment of spinal fractures is the key to a better patient outcome. We understand that the elderly patients with spinal disorders need the state-of-the-art treatment options of minimally invasive spine surgery to achieve good recovery with minimal damage to the spine. We offer key-hole spine surgery so that our young patients can get back to work at the earliest. Children with spinal disorders get the best attention here so that their growth is not hampered by spinal disease.

We provide comprehensive treatment options for spinal ailments like Spinal Trauma, Degenerative Spine Diseases, Herniated Discs, Spinal Instability, Spinal Deformity, Spinal Stenosis and Spinal Tumours.

Our top-class expertise has successfully managed the most complex spinal conditions. Each year we’ve been able to attract a large number of spine related cases because of the best quality, care and treatment facilities we provide for our patients.

spine specialist In PCMC, Moshi, Bhosari

Our Doctors

Dr. Abhijit Ghangale


Dr.Ganesh Mundhe


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Services & Facilities

  • Intra-Operative SSEP and MEP Neuro Monitoring
  • Advanced Spine Instrumentation for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Physiotherapy with Rehabilitation following spine surgery

Treatment & Procedures

  • Deformity Correction– Scoliosis and Kyphosis surgery to straighten a bent spine
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery– Pain Relief in case of slip disc, through Key Hole Surgery
  • Spinal Reconstruction– Restoring Normalcy to spine with artificial material in case of spinal tumours, spinal fractures and spinal infections
  • Movement Preserving Spine Surgery– Artificial Disc Replacement and Preserving Spine Flexibility in case of degenerative spinal disorders
  • Spinal Tumour Surgery– Removal of Tumor and Prevention of Paralysis
  • Spinal Fracture– Early surgery to prevent Spinal Cord Damage
  • Revision Spine Surgery– Complex Spine Surgeries on patients with failed previous spine surgery
  • Geriatric Spine Surgery– Ensuring better quality of life through spine surgery using minimally invasive spine surgery techniques