Why Choose Physiotherapy at Accord Hospital ?

In Post Orthopedic surgeries like Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip replacement, Arthroplasty of Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and Hip, Reconstruction surgeries of any joint, tendon repairs, Post Trauma surgeries. Early mobilization, a range of motion exercises and guidance to perform daily functional activities independently as soon possible in the hospital and discharged with a home exercise program.

Patients or people with long-standing ailments such as arthritis, chronic back pain, and musculoskeletal related conditions are assessed and work towards eliminating the root cause of pain management which includes electrotherapy, manipulation and mobilization. Posture correction and adapting the individual to the daily life with external support or re-training of muscles to condition and strengthen to minimize reoccurrence.

In Cardiovascular and Pulmonary cases, respiratory re-training which includes breathing exercise, bronchial hygiene and progressive exercises to improve or maintain the lung/cardiac function and functional adaptation with individualized exercise prescription. Measures to prevent reoccurrence and lifestyle modifications.

In Neurological conditions like Stroke, Parkinson, Multiples sclerosis, post craniotomy, spinal cord injuries, myelopathy, neuropathy, cerebral palsy, delayed milestones. In acute conditions working towards getting back to near normal or functional Activities of Daily living status as early as possible, in long-standing conditions working with individual plan depending on the persons needs with task-specific training, constraint-induced movement therapy, functional training and activity-based home program.

Sports medicine is a vast area, injury prevention to injury management. Flexibility, Fitness, strength training and agility are the basic need of a sportsman. Assessment and evaluation of the individual and Exercise prescription is given to improve performance and prevent injuries. Adaptation to sport with sport specific training, injury management and rehabilitation post trauma or post-surgical treatment for speedy recovery and help in getting back to the sport.

We also play a crucial role Post general surgeries like laparoscopic procedures or open surgeries related to gastro, hepato-biliary, urology and abdominal surgeries, in getting back to functional activities of daily life as soon as possible independently or with minimal assistance.

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