Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

Why Choose Internal Medicine & Geriatrics at Accord Hospital

Accord Hospital has the best team of Internal Medicine that provides excellent primary care services for a wide range of health problems. Our doctors of internal medicine are trained in many disciplines and have clinical expertise in diagnosis and treatment of complex illness. An Internist evaluates your medical condition prior to surgery and helps prepare you for your procedure.

The Internal Medicine team plays a pivotal role in coordinating with the larger team of other specialists during your period of hospitalization, thereby assuring a holistic approach to your treatment plan. We offer primary and secondary care consultations for a complete spectrum of problems related to heart disease, lung disease, gastrointestinal problems, kidney problems and bone or joint related problems including arthritis.


Visit Accord Hospitals today! The best Multi-specialty, Tertiary Care Hospital in PCMC.

internal medicine doctors In PCMC, Moshi, Bhosari

Our Doctors

Dr.Kedar Deodhar


Dr.Prashant Potdar


Dr.Amol Misal


Dr. Ram Agarwal


Dr.Harischandra Chaudhari


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Services & Facilities

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Immunizations/Vaccination( Click Here for more information)
  • Laboratory Services
  • Preventive Health Care Check-Up – Our internists have created comprehensive health care plans for adults to help manage and educate patients on preventative measures in order to reduce risk of adult medical illnesses
  • Diagnostic Imaging Services
  • Refer to specialist services post diagnosis as necessary
  • Follow-Up
  • Internal Medicine is your one-stop for all your adult medical issues