Foot Scan

A foot scan uses pressure sensors placed into your shoes, on the soles of your feet that are attached to the computer via some cables. They will help to identify any high pressure areas under your foot, which may be causing pain. The scan also allows us to see how your foot is functioning as you walk. The results of the scan will help formulate a plan to treat your foot.

Sometimes the data may help to assist with surgical planning (or to review the foot after surgery) and/or to help with an orthotic (insole) prescription.

Often times diabetic patients are also advised to get routine foot scans done to identify any injury or damage that may be caused to the feet due to neuropathy.

Prevention is better than cure and early detection can be a boon to you your wellbeing. We at ACCORD Hospitals have highly skilled technicians and renowned consultants that will help perform your test seamlessly and evaluate your test results.

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