Laboratory Medicine

Why Choose Laboratory Medicine at Accord Hospital ?

Department of Laboratory Medicine at Accord Hospital is an NABL accredited lab which provides the best 24/7 diagnostic services, with a primary focus-‘patients come first’, by facilitating clinician-sin early diagnosis and treatment.

Accord hospital Laboratory has a dedicated pathology team comprising of doctors, trained technical and support staff. Through the application of leading-edge and state of art technology, the laboratory, ensures quality diagnostic services with a rapid turnaround time, at an affordable cost which aims to attain patient satisfaction by maintaining good ethical practices.

The laboratory adheres to the NABL Quality system procedures by complying with the stringent quality policy in maintaining Quality assurance. Each instrument and tests analyzed has passed through an extensive validation protocols as facilities & services available.

The Department is well equipped with Fully Automated Autoanalyzer’s like the AutoLumo A1000, ensuring precise results. 


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Services & Facilities

The Division of Clinical Microbiology at Accord hospitals offers a broad selection of tests designed for rapid identification of the causative agents of infectious diseases and prompt reporting of results. Serologic testing is also available for confirmation of infections by detection of specific antibody /antigen responses.

The Biochemistry department is a third generation laboratory, well-equipped with latest state of the art technology to perform not only the routine biochemical tests but also a wide variety of super specialized investigations such as hormones, tumor markers , cardiac markers,serum protein electrophoresis and many more.Special emphasis is given on quality by maintaining uncompromising stringent control protocols.

Morphologic consultations for peripheral blood and bone marrow disorders, as well as a variety of other diagnostic assays are available. We also provide facilities for the diagnosis of disorders that affect erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets.

The Coagulation Laboratory has good experience in providing high-quality haemostatic testing and interpretation of results.

The consulting staff in the Division of Surgical Pathology and Cytology has expertise in wide range of sub specialties like Oncopathology, Dermatopathology,Neuropathology, GI Pathology, Gynaec pathology and availability of frozen section to support the consultative practice. An Extensive Immunohistochemistry panel is available for a supportive and confirmatory diagnosis of tumors.

  • The department is actively involved in infection control activities of the hospital.
  • Complete range of organism identification and susceptibility testing for bacteria and fungi.
  • Gene expert for: Flu panel & Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  • Stool assay for the detection of clostridium difficile Toxin A & B and Calprotectin assay for differentiating IBS and IBD.
  • Panel of test for Autoimmune disorders