2D Echo

Have you lately felt out of breath while climbing stairs to your office? Or you felt low on stamina during your weekend football match with your friends, something that you used to enjoy for hours.These are the signs that your heart needs more attention and care. As your age progresses, you need to include one necessary thing in your healthy heart lifestyle – 2D echocardiography – to ensure your heart health from time to time.

2D echo, is a non-invasive test used to analyze the functioning and assess the sections of your heart. This test gives images of the different parts of the heart with the help of sound vibrations. It assists in checking damages, blockages, and blood flow rate. Doctors recommend regular 2D echo tests to analyze and treat any heart issues at the early stages, keeping you healthy and active as you grow old.

Why should you undergo a 2D echo?

2D Echo is done to detect the following heart conditions:

  • Any underlying heart diseases or abnormalities
  • Congenital heart diseases and blood clots or tumors
  • Malfunctioning of the heart valve
  • Abnormality of blood flow within the heart

Prevention is better than cure and early detection can be a boon to you your wellbeing. We at ACCORD Hospitals have highly skilled technicians and renowned cardiologists that will help perform your test seamlessly and evaluate your test results.

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